History of the joint stock company "Dzintars” begins in the middle of the 19th century, when foundation of the perfumery and cosmetics industry in Latvia was laid. In 1849 Heinrich Adolf Briger soap and perfumery factory was founded in Riga, producing soap, candles, perfumery and Eau de Cologne from ready-made compositions from France.

In the second half of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century small companies sprung up in various Latvian towns, producing several sorts of perfumery and cosmetics in the laboratory conditions. However, the most historically important factories were A.Briger soap and perfumery factory, A.Rimeik’s chemical factory (toothpaste, cosmetic products, Christmas tree candles), pharmaceutist A.Tomberg’s factory (perfumery, Eau de Cologne, powder) and V.Kikert’s factory (tubes, pulverisers for corks).
In 1940 before mentioned factories were nationalized and transformed to soap and perfumery factory "Sarkana Ausma” (formerly A.Briger’s factory), chemical, candle and tube factory "Metra” (formerly A.Rimeik’s factory), perfumery factory "Flora” (formerly A.Tomberg’s factory) and tube-cosmetics factory "Rota” (formerly V.Kikert’s factory).
1946 – 1951
From 1946 to 1951 perfumery and cosmetics manufacturing companies were reorganized and as a result "Flora” and "Rota” factories were liquidated in favour of larger companies - "Sarkana Ausma” and "Metra”.

In June, 1951 company "Metra” was renamed as Riga’s cosmetics factory "Dzintars”.
1958 - 1975
In 1958 "Dzintars” merged with soap factory "Sarcana Ausma”. The merged company’s name was perfumery and cosmetics factory "Dzintars”. Thus, a strong trunk with wide crown of modern company "Dzintars” was formed by four intertwisted sprouts, which took its roots one and a half centuries ago. 

By 1965 production volume has increased three times because of manufacture’s automation and mechanization. Production space became too small for the further factory expanding. There emerged a need for a new facility, so in the early 60’s the construction project has started and it was completed in 1969. After that, core operations were moved into the new building on Malu street 30, where “Dzintars” is located currently.

From 1969 to 1975 factory was supplied with new equipment, that allowed to mechanize the process of material-handling, as well as such basic technological process changing as preparation and pouring of perfumery and cosmetic liquids, manufacturing of aluminium tubes, preparation and packaging of creams and toothpastes.
Since January, 1976 the factory "Dzintars” changed its legal status as Riga’s Manufacturing Union of perfumery and cosmetics industry "Dzintars”.
In October, 1991 the Constituent Assembly was held, where decision to establish Joint Stock Company "Dzintars” was made. On 7th of November, 1991 this decision was formalised by certificate and it came into force. In this status "Dzintars” exists to this day.

JSC “Dzintars” can be proud of its own coat of arms and anthem. It is the only enterprise whose coat of arms is registered by the State Heraldry Commission under the President of Latvia.