High quality raw materials

One of the core values of the enterprise is using natural ingredients, high-quality raw materials and carefully developed product formulas. Dzintars is one of the few that combines science and manufacturing, using natural ingredients. To ensure high efficiency of products, plants are bought in the countries of their origin and extracts are made by especially soft technology to keep the healing properties of plants and active biological substances. The selection and quality of the raw materials are controlled in accordance with the European Cosmetic Regulation and the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) Recommendations. Quality control is done by a specific program of the accordance of requirements. 

Professional manufacturing

Products are manufactured with the most up-to-date equipment in factories of perfumery, cosmetics, make-up, extracts, as well as polymer and cardboard package.

Quality control

Care for environment

Dzintars strictly follows requirements concerning protection of environment and takes all the necessary measures in practice in accordance with the Environmental Management System ISO 14001. Manufacturing technologies are created not to cause any harm to environment.

Energy management

Energy efficiency and energy saving measures are an integral part of everyday life, it ensures sustainable, competitive and energy efficient development of the company. Energy Management System has been developed and is maintained according to ISO 50001.


High quality of products is noted by a vast number of awards among which there are gold medals from exhibitions in Brussels, Chicago, Paris. In 2007 Dzintars received the most prestigious and very rare international award for Innovative Enterprises – WIPO Trophy for Innovative Enterprises founded by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (a specialised agency of the United Nations). Dzintars ranks the Top 500 as one of the most innovative companies in Europe.

Quality and environment policy

Dzintars JSC is the largest manufacturer of cosmetics and perfumery products in Northern European countries.

We develop, manufacture and sell cosmetics and perfumery products and strive to be the industry leader.

A constant work on improving the quality of our products and avoiding the possible environment pollution is a long term strategy of our company.

Our goals: development and manufacturing of high quality and natural products, that complies with all regulatory requirements of product safety, quality and environment protection as well as satisfies the requirements and expectations of consumers.

We pledge to:

  • ensure compliance to all legislative and regulatory requirements, as well as any other requirements that relate to our company concerning product quality and safety and environment protection.
  • research the needs of consumers and offer them highest quality products that satisfies their requirements and expectations.
  • protect the environment, reduce and avoid environment pollution.
  • use natural and energy resources rationally.
  • before launching new products determine their environmental impact.
  • ensure the integration of quality and environmental management requirements into operation of the company. 
  • ensure preconditions for constant improvement of the quality and environment management system.

We strive to:

  • constantly renew our product portfolio and develop innovative products that corresponds to the latest achievements in fields of cosmetics and perfumery
  • maintain our traditional and find new sales markets for our cosmetics and perfumery products

The responsibility of each employee is to ensure the fulfilment of these requirements at his position in the company.

Our employees are our value – competent, motivated, focused on quality and able to work as a team.

To meet the goals of Dzintars JSC quality and environment management systems ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 are upheld and maintained.

Energy management policy

Energy efficiency and energy saving measures are a key part of Dzintars JSC business strategy and planning. Within the scope of our financial and technical limitations we would like to achieve a sustainable, competitive and energy efficient development of the company.
Dzintars JSC is aware of the possibilities to efficiently and rationally consume the supplied energy resources and is determined to:
- maintain a constant evaluation process of all consumed energy resources to control their balanced usage;
- keep working to constantly improve the energy efficiency of the company;
- use all kinds of energy resources in a rational and sustainable manner;
- promote the use purchase of energy efficient products and services, introduce best possible technical solutions;
- adhere to the regulations of EU and Republic of Latvia regarding energy efficiency and consumption of various kinds of energy sources.
The foundation of future growth of
Dzintars JSC is constant improvement of the energy management system. To achieve this we are planning to:
- inform and include employees of all levels about the process of energy management;
- use the knowledge, experience and intellectual potential of our employees to solve energy related issues;
- provide all the necessary information and resources to achieve the planned energy efficiency goals;
- educate our employees so they are aware how their work impacts energy efficiency;
- as to our abilities, try to work with partners that share our energy efficiency principles;
- keep records and analysis of consumed energy resources to develop effective energy consumption solutions;
- constantly improve our energy management system to meet our energy efficiency goals and regularly renew them;
- integrate our policy of energy management into all company operational procedures.
Energy management system has been developed and is maintained according to ISO 5001
Energy management systems Requirements with guidance for use