FUTURE FORMULA - Stem Cells Day cream

Stem Cells Day cream - FUTURE FORMULA

Volume: 50ml
Code: 20191
*VAT is included


This cream works against all signs of age-related skin changes and rejuvenates the skin. Has a strong lifting effect, smoothes out and prevents wrinkles and fine lines, eliminates dull complexion, makes the skin elastic and firm, nourishes and intensively moisturises it.
No need for face needle rollers or other kind of cosmetic tools to ensure components deeper penetration into the skin.
The unique advantage of cosmetic series FUTURE FORMULA is usage of special penetration enhancers to achieve the most effective result!


The skin changes and looks much younger: wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed out; the skin becomes firmer, more elastic and lifted.
- wrinkles are reduced – 92%*
- lifting effect – 92%*
- skin becomes smoother, firmer and more elastic – 97%*
- skin becomes more hydrated – 96%*
* Result of consumer evaluation and clinical tests. Given effect is confirmed by 180 people after 4 weeks of use.

90% of natural ingredients!

REVOLUTION of skin rejuvenation – Future Formula

Fundamentally new approach for skincare and prevention of skin aging!

What reveals our age?
Lacklustre eyes, dark under-eye circles and bags, wrinkles and parchment-like skin, dark spots on the face – all these imperfections begin to appear starting from age of 30 or even earlier.
Over the past years highly qualified specialists from DZINTARS instrumental laboratory have worked to create cosmetic products of future that provide tremendous and outstanding result.
It is Future Formula: a completely different and revolutionary skincare approach for every skin type and wide range of ages!
DZINTARS know-how, - we have managed to combine the latest biotechnological achievements, unique properties of natural relic components with highly effective bio peptides and most importantly – we have found a way to improve their delivery into the skin.
Since most of the ingredients cannot penetrate into the deep layers of the skin by themselves, effectiveness of cosmetic products is usually reduced. There is no need for special face needle rollers or other kind of cosmetic tools to ensure that components penetrate deeper into the skin. The unique advantage of Future Formula cosmetic series is use of carefully researched and selected penetration enhancers for more effective delivery of components into the deep layers of the skin!
All three cosmetic lines of Future Formula have been developed on one unique platform. The main difference between them is usage of snail extract, black caviar or plant stem cells.

Why exactly these ingredients?
A snail is a relic, that has preserved its adaptability and survival ability over the million years. The same with black caviar since a sturgeon is an ancient relic as well. Apple stem cells have the unique properties of recovery, regeneration and facilitate rejuvenation.
The concentration of active ingredients is specially selected and used to achieve the most noticeable result. It is important that customer has an opportunity to choose the product line with specific action of active components that will suit individual needs of the skin!
In the testing of Future Formula cosmetic products, more than 1000 of people took part and confirmed the effectiveness of products. Various clinical trials were conducted and high efficiency of cosmetic products was proven by estimation of physiological skin parameters under control of dermatologists, ophthalmologist, as well as expert-toxicologist.

How Future Formula solves following skincare problems?
Dull complexion, age spots, uneven face skin tone: These problems are solved by using a complex of bio peptides, small proteins which penetrate well into the skin, restore collagen, smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, help to get rid of dull skin. Niacinamide ( vitamin PP), extract of snail and liquorice also have a lightening effect.
Dark circles and bags under the eyes: This problem is solved by using the butcher's-broom extract that contains component called Ruscogenin: it has a toning and stimulating effect, which improves microcirculation and reduces the appearance of puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.
Wrinkles, fine lines on the face and around the eyes: Complex of regulatory and blocking peptides that stimulates the synthesis of the basic structural skin components, compensates lack of collagen in the skin, effectively smoothes out expression lines and “goose paws” at the external corners of the eyes by relaxing facial muscles.
Skin laxity: For this purpose, we use special component DMAE (dimethylethanolamine), high amount of it is found in salmon and smaller quantities also in human tissues. DMAE improves density and elasticity of the skin, reduces facial sag. Together with the wild yam extract it provides significant lifting effect.
Skin dryness and parchment-like skin: To solve this problem, such valuable vegetable oils as jojoba oil and macadamia oil, as well as shea butter and cocoa butter, phospholipids and powerful moisturisers (aloe, betaine, hyaluronic acid) are used. All these components excellently restore skin moisture.
Skin turgor: Skin turgor is restored by using β-glucan and centella asiatica extract. The complex of bio peptides, plant stem cells and DMAE has a strong rejuvenating effect.

Already after 2 weeks the result is noticeable:
• Dull complexion, age spots, uneven face skin tone are reduced
• Dark circles and bags under the eyes are reduced
• Wrinkles, fine lines on the face and around the eyes are reduced
• Skin laxity is reduced
• Skin dryness and parchment-like skin is reduced
• Skin turgor is restored

Each of three Future Formula lines offers the following products:
• Day Cream
• Night Cream
• Face Serum
• Eye Contour Concentrate

Find out more about each Future Formula product, unique properties of ingredients and their effect.