Natural Pharma Cosmetics

03 Dec, 2018

Natural Pharma Cosmetics

    We all would like to look young and beautiful. But… to our gross misfortune each day it becomes ever more difficult.

    Our lifestyle, the food we eat, technology we use – it all sadly brings us to the disastrous result.

    Already at young age our skin becomes porous, with acne, and looks unhealthy and grey, nets of small wrinkles appear on the face and around the eyes, dark circles, bags, and swell occurs under the eyes. The skin on our hands and feet becomes dry, rough and coarse, cracks appear on heels and between toes, fungal infection can activate. And then we start using endless promising cosmetics products, we run around beauty salons. However, unfortunately, whatever we say for our comfort, the looks does not improve.

     Dzintars has always adhered to the unshakable rule - cosmetics should be, first of all, safe, secondly - effective. In our products, we use natural raw materials - oils, plant extracts, natural antioxidants, as well as pharmaceutical raw materials in doses not exceeding the allowed in cosmetics. And all active components are selected in a special way, based on the necessity of effective solution to specific problems, and act in synergy, reinforcing and complementing each other's effect. Our cosmetic products are designed and intended for elimination of specific problems. We prove this by in‑depth studies and clinical trials. This is why out latest products are called Natural Pharma Сosmetics.

And they are united in the line - series Future Formula SOS, which is registered trademark. 

In this series we have already released: a set of cosmetics products against acne for teens and adults (cleansing lotion, intensive anti-acne and pimple aid, lightening and regenerating cream); anti-hair loss balm,  protecting foot spray against fungi, softening foot balm against cracking and balm for legs, helping with varicosity, universal hand balm 3R for hand skin protection against aggressive external environment stress, renewing the skin after minor trauma, cracking or crusting to improve the appearance.

Soon we are releasing a balm for eyes – zone 5R and a face serum 3D. A special polishing paste is under development for face and décolleté area which is going to become a real magic wand for many our clients.


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