Organic Style hydrocomfort - Moisturizing balm for eye-zone skin

Moisturizing balm for eye-zone skin - Organic Style hydrocomfort

Volume: 30ml
Code: 28385
*VAT is included
Quickly restores moisture balance in the delicate skin around the eyes, nourishing and strengthening it. The balm reduces «bags» and dark circles under the eyes, protects against aggressive environmental factors. Active components Ederline S and Hyalurionic acid moisturize the skin intensively, improving its tonicity andelasticity. Due to the combination of natural oils, sea algae, butcher’s-broom and aloe extracts, the skin regenerates, its resilience enhancing.
Natural-organic cosmetics of new generation

Organic Style Hydrocomfort line is meant for powerful moisturizing for any face and neck skin types. It helps the skin stay resilient, elastic, and, hence, preserve its attractive look for a longer time. This line is suitable for all ages. Products of Organic Style hydrocomfort line contain organic vegetable oils made from shea, jojoba, macadamia, cocoa, as well as such high-activity ingredients as Edeline S (apple seed extract), hyaluronic acid, brown sea algae and centella extracts, all promoting collagen regeneration and normalizing water and lipid balance. When treated with these products, the skin restores its resilience and elasticity, and facial complexion improves.

Its composition includes organically grown plant ingredients (products of eco-farming). Cosmetic products of Organic Style Hydrocomfort series are paraben free, contain no mineral oils, no silicones, no propylene glycols, no synthetic colorants, no genetically modified or animal products.