Organic Style anti-age - Regenerating and firming night cream for dry and sensitive face skin

Regenerating and firming night cream for dry and sensitive face skin - Organic Style anti-age

Volume: 50ml
Code: 28483
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Renews face skin, retards skin ageing, stimulates regeneration and smoothes fine wrinkles. Extracts of Alpine plant buddleja, wormwood and masterwort rejuvenate and renew skin. Highly active ingredients Actiseane®, Ederline S and hyaluronic acid intensively moisturize skin, improve its tonus and firmity. Natural oils of shea tree, macadamia, cocoa and jojoba nourish and moisturize skin, improve its elasticity.
Natural-organic program for the effective fight against skin aging

Line Organic Style Anti-Age products will help your skin stay young for a long time boosting its own natural regenerative potential.  Organic Style Anti-Age cosmetics is effective due to its very special composition of plant ingredients, deeply working on the skin and helping it reverse various age-related changes. Highly active extract from Alpine plant buddleja, wormwood and masterwort, improves and renews skin, ensures bio- logic protection of skin cells DNA against oxidants and UV-radiation generating strong anti-ageing eff ect. The composition is completed with: Ederline S (apple seed extract) with a regenerating and moisturizing effect, Hyaluronic acid - one of the most effective natural skin moisturizers and brown algae extract, which improves metabolic processes in the skin.

Its composition includes organically grown plant ingredients (products of eco-farming). Cosmetic products of Organic Style Anti-Age series are paraben free, contain no mineral oils, no silicones, no propylene glycols, no synthetic colorants, no genetically modified or animal products.