Real Dream anti-age - Firming serum with lifting effect for dry and sensitive face skin

Firming serum with lifting effect for dry and sensitive face skin - Real Dream anti-age

Volume: 35ml
Code: 26169
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Serum helps in dealing with first age-related changes in face skin, pulls the skin up and delays ageing process. Natural anti-oxidants, contained in brown algae, red clover and carrot seeds suspend skin ageing. SYN®-AKE and SYN®-COLL biopeptides actively stimulate collagen synthesis and prevent wrinkle formation. Active components Padinami®, Ederline S and hyaluronic acid intensively moisturize skin, improve its tone and resilience.

Challenge time and look younger!

Real Dream® Anti-Age – cosmetic products slows down ageing process, fight with skin colour deterioration and smoothing wrinkles.

Are You about thirty? Then this line is meant for You. Skin ageing is an internal process which you might not notice and even feel. It starts long before we see the first wrinkles in the mirror. The purpose of anti-age products is to stop skin ageing process, putting off the moment of appearance of first wrinkles, dull skin color, unevenness and pigment spots. It is possible? Absolutely!

The research conducted by Dzintars has proved that the skin ageing processes can be slowed down at any age. Anti-age products are equally effective for those who have a relatively young skin (30 years old and older) and for those who have visible signs of ageing. The day and night creams, serums and balms presented in this line stop the appearance of first wrinkles and smooth the existing ones. You can say that anti-age product line is meant for prevention of
ageing signs, and is necessary for our skin.

The products of Real Dream® Anti-Age series contain innovative peptides SYN®-AKE and SYN®-COLL, which are recognized as the most effective substances even used in age fighting cosmetics in world’s cosmetic industry. SYN®-COLL is a patented innovative preparation that compensates the deficiency of skin collagen effectively which results in slowing down skin senescence. Peptide SYN®-AKE by its chemical compound and activity is similar to polypeptide found in the venom of the Templar Viper snake, and is designated to smooth the mimic wrinkles efficiently by use of face muscle-relaxing effect.

In addition to highly effective peptides SYN®-AKE and SYN®-COLL, to slow down skin senescence a range of ingredients are used in anti-age product line, they are natural antioxidants from apple seed (Ederline S), sea algae, red clover, centella and hyaluronic acid.

Cosmetic products of these lines are paraben free, contain no mineral oils, no silicones, no propylene glycols, no synthetic colorants, no genetically modified or animal products.